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Definition of sorry:

  1. Grieved for something past; poor; mean; worthless.


lame, joyless, coloured, forlorn, aristocratical, blue, patrician, downright, meritless, gamey, funeral, disenchanted, heartbreaking, down in the mouth, spicy, piteous, dirty, despicable, juicy, downcast, anguished, low-spirited, despondent, sombre, contemptible, inexorable, no-good, depressing, good-for-nothing, aristocratic, vicious, defective, pathetic, deplorable, worthless, muddy, mordant, disappointed, penitent, unfit, downhearted, no-account, moody, speculative, shabby, uncomfortable, worrisome, grubby, grim, unlucky, risky, wretched, sullen, non-white, somber, heavyhearted, tough, compunctious, distressful, grimy, heartbroken, dour, trifling, mean, dismayed, melancholy, woeful, utter, such as it is, cruddy, small, morose, blueish, dark, dolorous, drear, melancholic, ghastly, begrimed, glooming, nasty, ruthful, gloomful, regret, saturnine, weeping, pitiable, ashamed, perturbing, agonized, ratty, drab, unrelenting, bewailing, droopy, racy, big, puritanic, paltry, sinister, sick, sober, dingy, pitiful, unhappy, gentle, saddening, scummy, disappointing, risque, heartrending, scabby, unconsolable, aching, heartsick, inconsolable, naughty, tearful, scurvy, happy, down, abashed, unsound, foolish, unforgiving, teary, benighted, plaintive, sulky, dismal, depressed, profane, disturbing, sadly, saddened, disgruntled, poor, scrubby, bad, worrying, discontented, apologetic, disillusioned, forbidding, grisly, thorough, unspeakable, wailing, adequate, repentant, cast down, unappeasable, embarrassed, lugubrious, feel/look small, gruesome, blasphemous, stern, trivial, relentless, reprehensible, puritanical, bitter, mournful, deploring, plangent, unimportant, good-for-naught, lamentable, penitential, brokenhearted, no-count, troubling, muddied, raunchy, cheerless, glum, dolesome, sorry for, hapless, distressing, bemoaning, dissatisfied, plentiful, inadequate, hopelessly, compassionate, crestfallen, gamy, sad, dispirited, lousy, sneaking, insignificant, obscure, high-risk, contrite, dark-skinned, criminal, dreary, heartsore, forged, utterly, rueful, someone will live to regret something, uncollectible, hangdog, guilty, glowering, pitying, excruciating, grungy, olive-drab, rubber, disconsolate, blue-blooded, gloomy, black, beggarly, cheap, grieving, regretful, dejected, uncheerful, woebegone, remorseful, spoiled, doleful, macabre, bluish, spoilt, condemnable, misfortunate, sour, low, miserable, execrable.

Usage examples: