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Definition of advertise:

  1. To give notice to; to inform or apprise; to notify; to make known; hence, to warn; - often followed by of before the subject of information; as, to advertise a man of his loss.
  2. To give public notice of; to announce publicly, esp. by a printed notice; as, to advertise goods for sale, a lost article, the sailing day of a vessel, a political meeting.


raise, show, campaign, endorse, display, tug, notify, acquaint, ballyhoo, tout, tell, encourage, give out, further, sponsor, print, noise, blazon, say, puff, popularize, vaunt, elevate, publicise, agitate, crusade, build up, annunciate, hype, force, make known, uncover, enunciate, cry, expose, talk up, state, herald, boost, praise, bear on, vent, spread, sell, trumpet, celebrate, plug, give notice, knowledge, pitch, propound, show off, advertize, unveil, spread abroad, fight, labour, words, bare, parade, kick upstairs, conceal, air, inform, crowd, drive, advance, promote, blaze, labor, bruit, upgrade, publicize, propagate, placard, push, hide, splash, press.

Usage examples: