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Definition of publish:

  1. To make known to all what before was private or unknown; to announce; to proclaim; to reveal, as a secret; to print and offer for sale- applied chiefly to printed books, engravings, & c.


give out, impress, unwrap, bother, propound, give away, trouble, flash, go to press, anesthetise, let out, come out, exsert, disclose, introduce, save, make out, put forth, let go, blare, give forth, carry, declare, unloosen, reveal, annunciate, disoblige, anesthetize, produce, retire, unblock, inconvenience, discover, extend, loose, turn, notify, relinquish, discharge, let on, sound, go forth, issue, placard, blazon, say, egress, put about, publicize, eject, smother, divulge, write, supply, bring on, put out, proclaim, pen, emerge, herald, write out, blaze, unloose, secrete, spread abroad, incommode, make known, drop a line, douse, knowledge, unfreeze, splash, resign, compose, expose, set off, let go of, indite, give up, come forth, state, expel, bring out, liberate, anaesthetize, serialize, uncover, cut, release, distribute, print, give notice, enunciate, break, anaesthetise, spell, hold out, reprint, get out, stretch out, send forth, words, put under, discommode, tell, free, get off, stretch forth, unveil, run, communicate, exhaust, trumpet.

Usage examples: