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Definition of arrogate:

  1. To assume, or claim as one's own, unduly, proudly, or presumptuously; to make undue claims to, from vanity or baseless pretensions to right or merit; as, the pope arrogated dominion over kings.


depute, confiscate, take for granted, repeat, assign, conquer, pretend, don, capture, delegate, acquire, take, get hold of, usurp, assume, wear, simulate, presume, get into, absorb, put on, buy up, take up, seize, adopt, sequester, affect, impound, take over, strike, buy out, sham, set apart, clutch, exact, claim, bear, prehend, impute, lay claim, commandeer, accept, allot, take on, feign, attribute, give, postulate, portion, attach, borrow, specify, relieve, ascribe, put, preempt, grab, designate, appropriate.

Usage examples: