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Definition of demand:

  1. A diligent seeking or search; manifested want; desire to possess; request; as, a demand for certain goods; a person's company is in great demand.
  2. A thing or amount claimed to be due.
  3. Earnest inquiry; question; query.
  4. That which one demands or has a right to demand; thing claimed as due; claim; as, demands on an estate.
  5. The act of demanding; an asking with authority; a peremptory urging of a claim; a claiming or challenging as due; requisition; as, the demand of a creditor; a note payable on demand.
  6. The asking or seeking for what is due or claimed as due.
  7. The right or title in virtue of which anything may be claimed; as, to hold a demand against a person.
  8. To ask or call for with authority; to claim or seek from, as by authority or right; to claim, as something due; to call for urgently or peremptorily; as, to demand a debt; to demand obedience.
  9. To call into court; to summon.
  10. To inquire authoritatively or earnestly; to ask, esp. in a peremptory manner; to question.
  11. To make a demand; to inquire.
  12. To require as necessary or useful; to be in urgent need of; hence, to call for; as, the case demands care.


look at, need, condition, popular, expect, indigence, ask, give, drive, crave, conduct, inclination, consume, require, admit, call for, pick up, assume, film, hold, essential, indifference, carry, ache, entail, ask for, sale, wanted, get, lease, pauperism, shoot, rent, bring, remove, guide, use up, vogue, take on, insist on something, lead, requested, hankering, collect, gather up, needful, pray, take in, charter, strike, put to, read, occupy, consider, enquire, penury, key, thirst, have, application, call, depend on, cry out for, learn, burning issue/question, beg, direct, insist on, acquire, involve, engage, fill, motivation, necessitate, command, importunity, core, regard, owned, pick someone's brains, basis, entreat, staple, element, longing, study, could do with something, desired, aim, market, take, yearning, requirement, quest, necessary, dun, pauperization, bespeak, pick out, put someone on the spot, rely on, exact, beseech, over, train, hire, prerequisite, priority, supplicate, order, claim, pursuit, select, postulate, choose, contend, pack, get hold of, contract, rush, take up, interest, feature, concern, search, adopt, subscribe, convey, take aim, craving, affect, submit, interview, take away, implore, essence, posit, imply, must-have, trade, deal, charge, accept, withdraw, requisite, interrogate, motive, sine qua non, ingest, subscribe to, contain, ultimatum, make.

Usage examples: