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Definition of coif:

  1. A caul or cap; a cap to cover a baldness; the distinguishing badge of a sergeant- at- law.
  2. To cover or dress with a coif.


garb, make out, cause, do, clothe, place, fructify, put, line up, fix, determine, prepare, perform, raiment, prune, set up, dress, groom, fit out, order, gear up, localize, dress out, preen, come, ready, position, plume, sic, execute, fare, hairstyle, manage, trim, dress up, format, curry, lay, jell, get dressed, lop, enclothe, go under, decorate, congeal, clip, answer, snip, rig, correct, crop, fix up, garnish, practice, habilitate, coiffe, make, arrange, primp, practise, garment, limit, exercise, serve, localise, coiffure, set, suffice, hair style, countersink, plant, define, cut back, tog, act, apparel, hairdo, mark, specify, get along, go down, lay out, pose, behave, stage, adjust, typeset.

Usage examples: