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Definition of conformation:

  1. The act of conforming; the particular make or construction of a body.


geometry, var., bod, shape, residence, manakin, figure, pattern, contour, agree, layout, complaisance, contour line, conformism, change, strain, correspondence, phase, grade, adaption, keeping, agreement, class, material body, acclimatization, cast, form, structure, accommodation, conformance, fashion, compliance, compliancy, harmonization, residency, formation, kind, course, arrangement, adaptation, anatomy, conformity, word form, adjustment, abidance, physical body, sort, constellation, congruity, harmony, frame, variant, mannequin, configuration, human body, condition, embodiment, symmetry, accordance, signifier, deference, physique, accord, setup, build, chassis, acclimation, mannikin, chime, descriptor, congruence, manikin, obligingness, submission, soma, ossification, setout, variety, flesh.

Usage examples: