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Definition of disoblige:

  1. To do an act which contravenes the will or desires of; to offend by an act of unkindness or incivility; to displease; to refrain from obliging; to be unaccommodating to.
  2. To release from obligation.


get at, trouble, anesthetize, nark, anaesthetise, cark, disorder, nettle, offend, stretch out, hold out, rag, perturb, retire, release, disturb, devil, gravel, anaesthetize, bother, discommode, incommode, displease, chafe, stretch forth, douse, annoy, ail, insult, smother, inconvenience oneself, publish, put out, inconvenience, trouble oneself, rile, issue, bring out, put under, vex, unhinge, exsert, disquiet, anesthetise, distract, upset, affront, extend, get to, irritate, pain.

Usage examples: