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Definition of egotism:

  1. The practice of too frequently using the word I; hence, a speaking or writing overmuch of one's self; self- exaltation; self- praise; the act or practice of magnifying one's self or parading one's own doings. The word is also used in the sense of egoism.


self-confidence, self-glory, assurance, pridefulness, superiority, ostentation, elation, presumption, smugness, egocentrism, self-satisfaction, self-admiration, amour-propre, pomposity, self-preoccupation, complacency, egomania, insolence, bigheadedness, vaingloriousness, selfness, self-glorification, conceit, self-conceit, swelled head, self-involvement, self-esteem, vainglory, pride, self-assertion, ego trip, self-absorption, boastfulness, self-congratulation, condescension, self-regard, self-importance, navel-gazing, pompousness, self, self-love, overconfidence, self-applause, haughtiness, vainglory, egoism, ego, snobbery, vainness, misanthropy, self-interest, self-consciousness, immodesty, arrogance, pride, conceitedness, self-worship, self-concern, self-love, swellheadedness, self-opinion, bighead, self-assumption.

Usage examples: