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Definition of egotistic:

  1. Alt. of Egotistical


flamboyant, assuming, introverted, high-handed, vain, swollen-headed, egoistical, haughty, superior, sneering, subjective, arrogant, social, individualistic, know-it-all, overweening, ostentatious, futile, narcissistic, self, flaunting, fruitless, magisterial, egotistical, insolent, supercilious, meek, bumptious, extrinsic, egoistic, bigheaded, proud, uppity, snooty, lordly, impudent, domineering, contemptuous, bold, egomaniacal, personal, affected, vainglorious, humble, presumptuous, presuming, patronizing, modest, brazen, self-involved, condescending, scornful, self-absorbed, snobbish, consequential, overconfident, swollen, stuck-up, sleeveless, imperious, self-satisfied, self-conceited, isolationist, bombastic, selfish, swellheaded, prideful, boastful, pretentious, grandiose, conceited, high-hat, self-love, self-serving, autocratic, self-important, stiff, impertinent, pompous, bootless, inflated, disdainful, self-loving, overbearing.

Usage examples: