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Definition of praise:

  1. Commendation bestowed upon a person; admiration or approbation expressed; fame; renown; applause; a glorifying or extolling, as God.
  2. To express approbation of; to extol; to commend; to glorify in words or song, as God; to celebrate.


hymn, tout, brownie points, a pat on the back, acclaim, blame, esteem, emblazon, extolment, esteem, cheering, laudation, appreciation, alleluia, recognition, glorification, blandishment, acclamation, approhation, paean, applause, love, credit, plaudit, thanks giving, boost, devotions, advocacy, panegyric, kudos, tribute, offer up, plaudit, crack up, benediction, eulogy, censure, tributes, contempt, magnify, congratulations, hatred, regard, hallelujah, Meed (of praise), doxology. Heb. hosannah, laud, obeisance, hosanna, applanse, religion, acclamation, resound, paean, encomium, rave, pat someone on the back, hymn, blessing, laudation, encomium, genuflect, homage, respect, blessing, sing someone's/something's praises, congratulation, approbation, carol, bless, cheers, commendation, admiration, hallelujah, adoration, glory, appreciation, homage, approval, congratulate, flattery, accredit, approval, condemnation, whistling, regard, magnification, pay someone a compliment, adoration, sycophancy, compliment, panegyric, adulation, worship, idolatry, eulogy.

Usage examples: