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Definition of erupt:

  1. To burst forth; to break out, as ashes from a volcano, teeth through the gums, etc.
  2. To cause to burst forth; to eject; as, to erupt lava.
  3. To eject something, esp. lava, water, etc., as a volcano or geyser.


break off, belch, break down, step to the fore, pause, give way, cave in, get around, split, bump, unwrap, hit the roof, damp, turn up, let out, flame, break up, bust, abound, smash, reveal, blow one's stack, bulge, fall out, eruct, soften, come forward, flare, egress, weaken, have kittens, irrupt, expose, dampen, discover, come out of the closet, burn, better, violate, develop, bristle, flip one's lid, explosion, break open, fly off the handle, ignite, get out, expel, snap off, break in, step forward, blow up, have a fit, separate, burp, heat, founder, fall in, intermit, fall apart, infract, fracture, give, extravasate, transgress, catch fire, disclose, interrupt, bug out, split up, flare out, go against, take fire, wear out, kick downstairs, break away, burn up, come forth, protrude, pop, give away, break through, go forth, inflame, start, die, kindle, bankrupt, go, crack, conflagrate, fail, combust, surface, burst out, breach, hit the ceiling, pop out, turn out, enkindle, issue, place, throw a fit, show up, relegate, stop, ruin, break, break out, give out, lose one's temper, come to the fore, out, come on, appear, push through, blaze up, bubble, come apart, break dance, offend, stir up, come out, step up, wear, collapse, fire up, recrudesce, part, intrude, divulge, let on, blow a fuse, come through, bring out, demote, burst forth, conk out, burst, go bad, bulge out, flip one's wig, flare-up, flame up, wake, come in, go ballistic, light, discontinue, emerge.

Usage examples: