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Definition of impudent:

  1. Bold, with contempt or disregard; unblushingly forward; impertinent; wanting modesty; shameless; saucy.


refreshful, fresh, study at impertinent, tonic, unfermented, snippety, boldfaced, wise, heady, cheeky, saucy, rude, wise to, brisk, novel, uppity, bracing, refreshed, brassy, sweet, disrespectful, forward, familiar, pushy, extraneous, nervy, reinvigorated, uppish, new, barefaced, assuming, assumptive, assumptive, overbold, knowing, courtesy, immaterial, brash, snotty-nosed, bold, impertinent, attitude, bald-faced, malapert, presumptuous, pert, flip, smart-alecky, refreshing, sassy, voguish, brazen-faced, contumelious, presuming, insolent, clean, audacious, bright, unused, smart, brazen, snippy, chic, judicious, invigorated, bodacious, overconfident, orthogonal.

Usage examples: