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Definition of disrespect:

  1. To show disrespect to.
  2. Want of respect or reverence; disesteem; incivility; discourtesy.


slackness, antagonism, disparage, inadvertence, cheekiness, brashness, offense, oversight, neglectfulness, ungraciousness, impoliteness, boldness, disrespectfulness, gall, disdain, sneer, uppityness, disesteem, thoughtlessness, inattention, rudeness, dislike, sauciness, slight, crust, walk over, impudency, omission, nerve, despite, enmity, respect, sassiness, offence, assumption, loathing, audaciousness, pertness, overconfidence, revulsion, familiarity, heedlessness, audacity, negligence, hatred, animosity, dis, effrontery, disregard, pushiness, attitude, cheek, thumb your nose at, presumptuousness, neglect, inconsiderateness, inconsideration, discourteousness, laugh, disgust, discourtesy, incivility, lese majesty, impertinency, forwardness, repulsion, courtesy, carelessness, sauce, chutzpah, uppishness, default, failure, remissness, indifference, brazenness, offensive activity, brass, face, nerviness, dishonour, scorn, contempt.

Usage examples: