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Definition of orotund:

  1. Characterized by fullness, clearness, strength, and smoothness; ringing and musical; - said of the voice or manner of utterance.
  2. The orotund voice or utterance


with child, turgid, oratorical, erect, fustian, aureate, overblown, grating, prominent, circuitous, dead, heavy, magniloquent, fruity, tumid, flowery, plangent, intumescent, style, diffuse, enceinte, pear-shaped, circular, sonorous, obese, mellow, reverberative, full, large, plain, round, rhetorical, breathy, flatulent, rotund, expectant, economical, crisp, reverberant, brittle, ringing, vibrant, conversational, flat, croaky, discursive, tumescent, chatty, windy, puffy, appealing, golden, gravid, clean, high-sounding, reverberating, grandiloquent, resonant, corpulent, resounding, articulate, weighty, adenoidal, big, gaseous, bombastic, swollen, words, declamatory, magnanimous, disembodied, high-flown, gassy, great.

Usage examples: