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Definition of paladin:

  1. A knight- errant; a distinguished champion; as, the paladins of Charlemagne.


gospeler, herald, hoagy, admirer, promoter, bomber, expounder, whiz, hotshot, protagonist, ace, true believer, fighter, virtuoso, hero, champion, battler, whizz, advocator, belligerent, attack aircraft, white knight, backer, wedge, grinder, genius, booster, poor boy, hoagie, supporter, wizard, mavin, champ, sub, superstar, title-holder, adept, espouser, torpedo, tub-thumper, submarine sandwich, advocate, hierophant, maven, friend, fear, submarine, scrapper, zep, wiz, fighter aircraft, combatant, proponent, high priest, sensation, apostle, hero sandwich, star.

Usage examples: