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Definition of parentage:

  1. Descent from parents or ancestors; parents or ancestors considered with respect to their rank or character; extraction; birth; as, a man of noble parentage.


giving birth, linage, transmission line, billet, ocellus, furrow, simple eye, farm animal, line, argument, logical argument, broth, extraction, communication channel, line of products, product line, nascence, lineage, line of reasoning, assembly line, descent, blood, caudex, telephone circuit, pipeline, kin, crease, argumentation, occupation, phone line, stock certificate, line of credit, course, fall, melodic phrase, stemma, nascency, personal credit line, channel, livestock, rake, inception, family, neckcloth, beginning, production line, declination, line of descent, origination, decline, railway line, credit line, birth, seam, birthing, paternity, note, nativity, declivity, inventory, tune, bank line, subscriber line, profligate, rip, line of business, melody, declension, crinkle, precede, strain, family, personal line of credit, business line, downslope, rail line, line of work, line of merchandise, gunstock, breed, root, dividing line, wrinkle, melodic line, air, stock, store, cable, ancestry, blood line, heredity, gillyflower, demarcation, birthing, agate line, rakehell, job, origin, fund, roue, pedigree, genealogy, parturition, contrast, short letter, filiation, bloodline, rootage, telephone line, parenthood, business, derivation, source.

Usage examples: