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Definition of second-rate:

  1. Of the second size, rank, quality, or value; as, a second- rate ship; second- rate cloth; a second- rate champion.


medium, better, run-of-the-mine, poor, rubbishy, cheapjack, lousy, passable, fair, low-quality, dire, cheesy, el cheapo, execrable, common, sleazy, trumpery, gimcrack, ordinary, rotten, schlock, second-class, cut-rate, trashy, wretched, middling, pitiful, mediocre, embarrassing, junky, average, coarse, crap, shoddy, low-grade, inferior, disgraceful, miserable, mean, indifferent, crappy, bargain-basement, minor, run-of-the-mill, secondary, terrible, so-so, substandard, bum, low-rent, shabby, bad.