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Definition of secrete:

  1. To deposit in a place of hiding; to hide; to conceal; as, to secrete stolen goods; to secrete one's self.
  2. To separate from the blood and elaborate by the process of secretion; to elaborate and emit as a secretion. See Secretion.


resign, mask, bury, unblock, unfreeze, publish, liberate, unloosen, stow, issue from, screen, unloose, dissemble, conceal, tuck away, ensconce, occult, loose, veil, seclude, put out, spill, give up, store away, release, show, relinquish, garage, let go of, issue, expel, put away, give out, stash, cover, sweat, inter, disguise, cloak, stream, hide, slip, plant, cache, suppress, turn, tuck, let go, free, entomb, bring out, generate, beam, overwhelm, swelter, give off, send out.

Usage examples: