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Definition of sleight:

  1. An artful trick; sly artifice; a feat so dexterous that the manner of performance escapes observation.
  2. Cunning; craft; artful practice.
  3. Dexterous practice; dexterity; skill.


artifice, nimbleness, spryness, scheme, ruse, prowess, maneuver, play, hoax, craft, trick, ploy, manual dexterity, shenanigan, honest, expertise, adroitness, knack, subterfuge, feint, cunning, gimmick, flimflam, imposture, dexterousness, ability, ability, fetch, finesse, deftness, juggle, agility, take-in, gambit, wile, means, jig, dodge, deception, device, dexterity, skill, stratagem, cleverness, skill.

Usage examples: