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Definition of tall:

  1. Brave; bold; courageous.
  2. Fine; splendid; excellent; also, extravagant; excessive.
  3. High in stature; having a considerable, or an unusual, extension upward; long and comparatively slender; having the diameter or lateral extent small in proportion to the height; as, a tall person, tree, or mast.


easy, unbelievable, pontifical, hard, portentous, leggy, difficult, gangling, long-shanked, gangly, statuesque, proud, long-legged, tall-growing, tallish, uplifted, rhetorical, noble, long, exalted, laborious, serious, stately, marvelous, incredible, uphill, grandiloquent, improbable, in height, pompous, elevated, marvellous, towering, tough, steep, eminent, lanky, big, magniloquent, rangy, great, full-length, arduous, overblown.

Usage examples: