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Definition of track:

  1. A mark left by something that has passed along; as, the track, or wake, of a ship; the track of a meteor; the track of a sled or a wheel.
  2. A mark or impression left by the foot, either of man or beast; trace; vestige; footprint.
  3. A path or course laid out for a race, for exercise, etc.
  4. A road; a beaten path.
  5. A tract or area, as of land.
  6. Course; way; as, the track of a comet.
  7. The entire lower surface of the foot; - said of birds, etc.
  8. The permanent way; the rails.
  9. To draw along continuously, as a vessel, by a line, men or animals on shore being the motive power; to tow.
  10. To follow the tracks or traces of; to pursue by following the marks of the feet; to trace; to trail; as, to track a deer in the snow.


stinger, railing, cover up, wipe, way, clear up, pay attention, clean, rail, hound, passage, directional, footpath, ease, mark down, roadway, buffer, quest after, token, move through, take notice, foil, record, compensate, comedown, promote, pass through, clear, stay informed about, print, bonnet, lead-in, snub, overcome, interbreed, the home stretch, plow, contaminate, chant, avenue, allegro, framework, thwart, pick up, stamp, beltway, bounce back, joist, mode, smudge, skip over, continue, address, trail, byroad, routeway, cloud, grade, raceway, star, tactic, hone in on, deletion, break through, trackv, cut of meat, deal, bootleg, steps, race, line, confidential information, swing, lane, jam, sink in, footstep, wake, put over, straightaway, cut through, inside track, lede, drop behind, come home, get, cut, decathlon, undercut, drag, skip, encompass, armour, nose out, lead story, cart track, boot, dock, go after, dub out, running game, transit, scotch, bust, interference, lift, method, extension, concerto, direct, handle, air, arrangement, hide, system, get over, round, alley, discus, click, hatch, articles, subdue, course of study, athlete, ghosting, the Channel Tunnel, course of action, imprint, leading, mark, brood, symbol, gantry, soil, vestige, manner, downgrade, overcompensate, chase after, bypass, atomic number 82, turn to, incubate, fail, racecourse, listen, radar, foundation, jump, cassette, cover, athletic, caber, brighten up, foul, slash, road, dub in, principal, pollute, cutting off, usual, overlay, 45, bumper, fall into place, blacktop, buttress, hint, stanchion, support, racetrack, discography, GPS, sweep, drop back, excision, approach, spoil, dent, remains, cut across, cutaway, crossbreed, technique, doctoral, pass across, sully, slice, stick to, jumper cable, wrap up, concern yourself, course of instruction, ed., branch line, furrow, railroad, indent, graduate, addiction, start, flunk, maintain contact with, get through, cartroad, long-playing record, penetrate, insure, steer, chamfer, depression, andante, booster cable, bilk, basis, correspondence course, baseball swing, sign, break, comprehend, leash, circuit, master, tag, lead, cutting room, class, footprint, the broad jump, body, adagio, impression, zero in on, bass, shack, breed, abuse, means, bull bar, baggage room, indentation, frustrate, cold turkey, sit up and take notice, straight, data track, byway, follow around, cross-country, run down, memorial, running, span, dirty, dependence, caterpillar track, monument, walk, smear, rafter, give chase, shroud, cantata, B-road, day school, scent, cell, cutting, close in, pass over, bodywork, footmark, jumper lead, way of life, embrace, pass, routine, overfly, animation, path, quest for, label, cross, hunt down, underwrite, starting line, clue, hybridize, surmount, boulevard, row, tail, inside lane, spark advance, event, apprenticeship, form, report, trace, get well, angle, mess up, treat, disk, frame, tip, intersect, distance, caterpillar tread, album, remnant, chamfer, crosscut, crackhouse, hybridise, extend, get behind, tether, armor, connection, wind, bob, traverse, gash, dub, spoor, concentrate, pencil lead, spread over, chassis, concentration, athletics, scaffold, run, dub over, train, cold shoulder, MARKS, crash course, flip side, step, running play, enshroud, clearing, indication, feeder, procedure, baffle, hang back, artery, deny, liner notes, shadow, dawn, chorus, pathway, focus, course, axle, fickle, get across, rails, crack den, chase, runway, concept album, dog.

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