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Definition of dismission:

  1. Rejection; a setting aside as trivial, invalid, or unworthy of consideration.
  2. Removal from office or employment; discharge, either with honor or with disgrace.
  3. The act dismissing or sending away; permission to leave; leave to depart; dismissal; as, the dismission of the grand jury.


handout, going, button, sac, spillage, lighting, expelling, run, hammock, spill, pink slip, pouch, electric discharge, sackful, acquittance, expiration, pocket, bagging, inflammation, shift, exit, press release, discharge, kindling, chemise, dismissal, tone ending, paper bag, passing, firing off, judgment of dismissal, ignition, release, liberation, arc, waiver, spark, firing, outlet, loss, sacking, carrier bag, outpouring, fire, freeing, departure, electric arc, sack, venting, vent, poke, emission, sacque, judgement of dismissal.

Usage examples: