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Definition of imperative:

  1. Expressive of command; containing positive command; authoritatively or absolutely directive; commanding; authoritative; as, imperative orders.
  2. Expressive of commund, entreaty, advice, or exhortation; as, the imperative mood.
  3. Not to be avoided or evaded; obligatory; binding; compulsory; as, an imperative duty or order.
  4. The imperative mood; also, a verb in the imperative mood.


compulsive, unequivocal, controlling, arbitrary, crying, imperative mood, absolute, supreme, imperious, desperate, burden, insistent, coercive, positive, exacting, important, pressing, dire, unconditional, charge, emergent, burning, haughty, peremptory, overbearing, instant, urgent, adjuratory, exigent, clamant, imperative form, authoritative, dogmatic, crucial, immediate, responsibility, big, need, despotic, autocratic, domineering, dictatorial, arrogant, duty, commitment, commanding, tyrannical, irresponsible, lordly, jussive mood.

Usage examples: