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Definition of command:

  1. Right, power, or authority over; an order or message with authority; a naval or military force under the authority of a particular officer.
  2. To bid, order, or charge with authority; to govern or direct; to have power over; to have within the observation of the eye.


demand, leave out, assertion, ask, look after, group, ascendance, arm, proclamation, fiat, restrain, colocation, control condition, injunction, reign over, jurisdiction, outlook, affirmation, rate, regulation, possess, ascendence, run, Ethernet, postulate, financial statement, rein, overleap, notification, tender, unit, over, mold, compel, garrison, caveat, pretermit, interdiction, dictation, manipulate, bring in a verdict, prescript, pedagogy, requirement, tend, contingent, decree, seem, captain, want, involve, ascendance, ensure, rear, boss around, overlook, curb, subordination, presidency, imposition, mastership, writ, miss, facility, bristle with, grow in, proscription, proficiency, overtop, platoon, moderate, look across, have, air force, fort, words, bid, ability, get your money's worth, see, warrant, enactment, instruction, precede, requisition, compulsion, the Coast Guard, owned, dominion, wear, didactics, acquittal, tax with, sight, call for, IQ, ban, overshadow, look out over, regiment, check, the armed forces, dictum, company, cost, directive, keep in line, need, educational activity, authorization, division, clutch, vanguard, corps, battalion, be extra, look out on, account name, take, push around, view, tower above, dominance, eclipse, behest, command post, call, army, viewpoint, necessitate, teaching, ordinance, the artillery, coercion, contain, see to it, operate, bidding, work out, commandment, dominate, play, end system, headship, acquit, camp, C in C, supervision, controller, verify, come in at, cavalry, word, EDI, bar, order of the day, prospect, neglect, order around, canon, expect, statement, panorama, ascertain, despotism, restraint, backdrop, bear, headquarters, death grip, brigade, drop, watch over, advance guard, control, award, ultimatum, detachment, royalty, absolutism, database server, annul, expertise, set back, dictate, airborne, argument, tell, air power, assure, squad, monopoly, require, lookout, connect up, ascendency, ascendancy, center, instruct, request, do, boast, empire, education, enjoy, program line, detail, revocation, imperative, buy, greatness, enjoin, base, scene, prohibition, battery, hold in, insure, superintendence, exaction, sector, omit, subpoena, perspective, citation, summons, tyranny, client-server, Bid, countermand, act, constraint, precept, post, mastery, edict, extranet, vista, oligopoly.

Usage examples: