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Definition of lane:

  1. A passageway between fences or hedges which is not traveled as a highroad; an alley between buildings; a narrow way among trees, rocks, and other natural obstructions; hence, in a general sense, a narrow passageway; as, a lane between lines of men, or through a field of ice.
  2. Alone.


air corridor, thoroughfare, alley, bridle-path, passageway, course, chicane, bicycle lane, poolside, way, street, driveway, Dr., channel, camber, infinity pool, central reservation, diving board, airspeed, carpool lane, Blvd., air-to-air, airborne, byroad, air traffic control, artery, bike lane, Drive, airlift, route, passage, diving bell, highroad, bypass, close, Aqualung, pass, airdrop, boulevard, B-road, cloverleaf, roadway, length, avenue, backstreet, path, Ave., crescent, track, aerospace, byway, beltway, cul-de-sac, blacktop, connection, pathway, bathhouse, road, corner, bend, pool, aerobatics, air pocket, highway, approach.

Usage examples: