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Definition of override:

  1. To ride beyond; to pass; to outride.
  2. To ride over or across; to ride upon; to trample down.
  3. To ride too much; to ride, as a horse, beyond its strength.
  4. To suppress; to destroy; to supersede; to annul; as, one low overrides another; to override a veto.


tip over, invert, overthrow, neglect, acquittal, rescind, signify, turn over, countermand, annul, bowl over, lie at the heart of something, upset, bring in a verdict, turn, revolutionize, vacate, nullification, predominate, change by reversal, repeal, overturn, citation, bar, revoke, figure, emphasize, turn back, loom large, cancel, vote down, subvert, reverse, pass over, revolutionise, award, matter, knock over, dominate, call for, acquit, overrule, bring down, charge, count, tump over, come before, lift, disregard.

Usage examples: