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Definition of suppress:

  1. To put down; to overpower and crush; to restrain; to keep in; not to tell or reveal; to stop; to stifle; to conceal.


obliterate, annul, squelch, burke, overpower, squeeze out, beat, nullify, repress, seize, beat out, exterminate, mortify, shell, blot out, manage, supplant, silence, paper over, enshroud, moderate, squash, come down on, conceal, reverse, choke off, squeeze, subjugate, storm, appropriate, choke, obscure, cloak, trounce, pocket, clamp down, disguise, keep in ignorance, vanquish, sit on, abate, cover, oppress, not breathe a word, annihilate, blanket, subdue, keep in, reduce, keep back, occupy, mask, restrain, swallow, quash, quell, demolish, inhibit, defeat, interfere with, deal with, screen, hush, smash, hold down, stifle, conquer, subordinate, terminate, clamp down on, bottle up, trample out, veil, smother, kill off, sink, crush, muffle, master, cut into, break down, abrogate, crucify, cut back, extirpate, curtain, overthrow, invade, belie, crack down, curb, contain, keep down, get over, jam, stamp down, surmount, overcome, keep mum, keep your own counsel, dwarf, shut off, abolish, beat down, stamp out, hold in, tame, chasten, set aside, persecute, keep quiet about something, end, annex, remove, occult, destroy, keep, slap down, hold back, put down, keep your mouth shut, besiege, submerge, shroud, snuff, mash, crack down on, cut off, keep someone guessing, repeal, strangle, kill, eradicate, subvert, keep something to yourself, capture.

Usage examples: