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Definition of piano:

  1. Alt. of Pianoforte
  2. Soft; - a direction to the performer to execute a certain passage softly, and with diminished volume of tone. ( Abbrev. p.)


voiced, sonant, diffuse, musical instrument, spinet, softly, indulgent, grand, subdued, sostinente pianoforte, bass clef, digitorium, flaccid, oblique pianoforte, balmy, lenient, concert grand, delicate, pianissimo, pianino, gently, dumb piano, andante, soft, easy, arr., square, cabinet, clavichord, mild, pianoforte, forte-piano, clef, bar line, cushy, allegro, player piano, bar, baby grand, apartment grand, con brio, diffused, boudoir, lightly, quietly, easygoing, flabby, con amore, adagio, upright, cottage piano, gentle, pianette, pianissimo assai.

Usage examples: