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Definition of purify:

  1. Purification.


scour, mitigate, chuck, subtilize, clean out, ameliorate, condense, celebrant, regorge, spew, fumigate, sort out, upchuck, spue, deodorize, pick up after, distill, barf, ceremony, repair, sublime, flush, sublimate, puke, clean up, rectify, anoint, retch, improve, reform, circumcision, brush, pick up, forgive, honk, mend, excuse, amend, advance, fine, disgorge, lustrate, confession, chasten, emend, correct, make pure, hallow, redeem, sick, circumcise, better, vomit up, make better, sanctify, consecrate, garble, rarefy, vomit, cat, beatify, religion, meliorate, be sick, bless, contemplation, pardon, clear out, throw up, blessing, cast, straighten up, distil, regurgitate, extract.

Usage examples: