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Definition of concentration:

  1. The act of bringing nearer together; collection into one point or centre; the act of reducing to a smaller bulk.


engrossment, block, doctoral, parsimoniousness, assembly, submersion, meanness, absorption, compactness, audience, cascade, dispersal, day school, edge, tightness, assiduity, miscellany, assessment, immersion, dousing, complex, minginess, arithmetic, combination, crash course, balance, submergence, niggardliness, course, dumbness, batch, apprenticeship, bonanza, stringency, amount, introspection, bombardment, deluge, separation, fixing, feast, herd, niggardness, excite, collection, accumulation, flock, party, group, soul-searching, crowd, concourse, assimilation, band, ducking, parsimony, class, avalanche, backlog, mass, array, congregation, company, closeness, density, articles, confluence, forethought, denseness, army, consolidation, enthrallment, correspondence course, preoccupancy, allowance, capacity, cornucopia, ed., gathering, tautness, constriction, blizzard, tightfistedness, submerging, conflux, slow-wittedness, soaking up, assiduousness, ingress, allocation.

Usage examples: