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Definition of sane:

  1. Being in a healthy condition; not deranged; acting rationally; - said of the mind.
  2. Mentally sound; possessing a rational mind; having the mental faculties in such condition as to be able to anticipate and judge of the effect of one's actions in an ordinary maner; - said of persons.


practical, irrational, right, prudent, well-grounded, alert, rational, levelheaded, mature, well-founded, senseless, commonsensical, in their right minds, reason, clearheaded, reasonable, with-it, fairish, right-minded, sage, of sound mind, judicious, intelligent, sound, compos mentis, judicious, wise, well-adjusted, wide awake, grounded, sober, pragmatic, steady, sagacious, fair, illogical, sapient, logical, clearly, clear, wise, stable, thinking, clear-headed, insane, in her right mind, in his right mind, unreasonable, fair-minded, discerning, commonsensible, lucid, sagacious, self-possessed.

Usage examples: