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Definition of anticipate:

  1. To be before in doing; to do or take before another; to preclude or prevent by prior action.
  2. To foresee ( a wish, command, etc.) and do beforehand that which will be desired.
  3. To foretaste or foresee; to have a previous view or impression of; as, to anticipate the pleasures of a visit; to anticipate the evils of life.
  4. To take up or introduce beforehand, or before the proper or normal time; to cause to occur earlier or prematurely; as, the advocate has anticipated a part of his argument.


prefigure, jump for joy, call off, annunciate, rest, bide, gauge, forbid, wait, thrive on, look to, forebode, prevision, guess, shout out, fear, foretell, presage, divine, preclude, forecast, inhabit, hold back, watch, wait for, omen, expect, search, visit, previse, tarry, treasure, look, stop, carry, forewarn, dwell, lodge, plan on, send for, require, stay, overestimate, holler, look for, gestate, depend on, endure, neglect, portend, rejoice in, announce, predict, call in, phone, figure on, estimate, foreknow, assure, bargain for, foresight, scream, live happily ever after, live, conjecture, confront, calculate on, underestimate, bid, block, brighten, tolerate, telephone, prognosticate, suppose, herald, see, delay, seek, cheer, forefeel, auspicate, betoken, continue, intuit, counter, be happy for someone, read between the lines, call up, prophesy, look forward to, harbinger, sojourn, ask, squall, rejoice, reside, judge, foresee, bargain on, address, count on, bear, shout, surprise, put two and two together, forestall, yell, reckon on, abide, remain, take something for granted, name, call, bode, hollo, foreclose, cry, have a bun in the oven, promise, ring, prevent, augur, hazard, intercept.

Usage examples: