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Definition of spear:

  1. A sharp- pointed weapon, variously shaped, with a long wooden shaft; a lance.
  2. To pierce or kill with a spear.


shot, heart, dig, half-pike, partisan, peel, pecker, fish spear, spear up, pommel, scape, hilt, ray, light beam, prick, dart, dispatch, stab, jibe, take someone's life, slam, shaft of light, impale, gig, bump off, lancet, peter, pikestaff, slaughter, putz, lance, gar, irradiation, cock, pulp, diaphysis, beam of light, exterminate, flesh, dick, cob, strangle, peelings, halberd, plunge in, bill, assassinate, calamus, shaft, massacre, eye, garrotte, murder, rotating shaft, gibe, skin, beam, fizgig, sink, floret, plunge into, kill, ray of light, hunting spear, fishgig, tool.

Usage examples: