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Definition of pump:

  1. A low shoe or slipper with a single sole, without a heel, and unwelted, chiefly used in dancing.
  2. A machine for raising water or other liquid, consisting of a tube, in which a piston and two valves work in those of the simplest description.
  3. To raise water or a liquid with a pump; to elicit or draw out from a person by artful questions, as information or secrets.


ticker, boot, center, grill, bosom, prod, break, kernel, tap, jab, fondness, shell, go, philia, draft, manhandle, gist, dig, take, look into, suction, thrust, heat, nub, marrow, centrifugal, dash, course, query, interrogate, tenderness, forge ahead, nitty-gritty, force, warmheartedness, strain, burst, look up, siphon, jog, core, chain, vacuum, warmness, bob, seesaw, cowboy boots, fuel, walk on, watch, boiler, agitator, flow, stock ticker, shove, drain, sum, press, blower, brogues, compressor, transfer, push, pass, convertor, converter, inwardness, spirit, oscillating, lift, wag, bobble, desert boot, cast up, crest, meat, middle, turbine centrifugal, calculator, bleed, rotary displacement, balance, advance, mettle, clodhoppers, jar, Birkenstock, crosstrainer, affection, sump, clog, jet, centre, guide, eye, thrust aside, shoulder, affectionateness, catechize, hydraulic ram, jounce, substance, Geissler, increase, catch, head, follow up, budge, spunk, heart, deck shoe, pith, let out, draw, carry on, delve, bucket pulsometer, sweat, mercury, research, pumps, shunt, deepen, Sprengel, gather, quiz, essence, piston, roll, come in, heave, oil, check up on, question, cleats, heart and soul, charger, scout, nerve, channel, volute centrifugal, progress, move, carriage, propel, investigate, sand.

Usage examples: