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Definition of splutter:

  1. To scatter about drops of saliva while speaking; to scatter drops about the paper in writing with an ill- made pen.


idle, engagement, cough out, choke, fight for breath, flood, cut out, gulp, pant, chirp, blow, gasp, shin, dab, spatter, spit out, splatter, cycle, hiss, chorus, go, crepitate, spit up, mouth, inhale, sputter, grind, declare, burn up, struggle, skin, frame, spray, sputtering, expectorate, phrase, splashing, scramble, cough up, declaim, splash, gasp out, splattering, spattering, breathe, catch your breath, sounds, backfire, spit, shinny, clamber, sigh, puff, fire, put, spew, crackle.

Usage examples: