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Definition of supernal:

  1. Relating to things above; belonging to a higher place or region; celestial.


dope, first-rate, classic, ethereal, hot, airy, brave, aery, beautiful, splendid, numero uno, blue-ribbon, peachy, noble, aeriform, phat, aerial, capital, superb, grand, swell, bonny, divine, cool, superlative, par excellence, gone, bumper, down, fab, immense, mean, gangbusters, tip-top, neat, great, brag, prize, wizard, banner, corking, top-flight, quality, gilt-edged, empyrean, keen, gossamer, groovy, five-star, topping, nifty, top-notch, boffo, terrific, bully, four-star, jim-dandy, fantastic, righteous, out-of-sight, prizewinning, top, fantabulous, marvelous, sterling, fine, first-class, hype, fabulous, famous, unsurpassed, stellar, blue-chip, high-class, primo, wonderful, cracking, empyreal, boss, lovely, number one, top-of-the-line, crackerjack, frontline, elysian, first-string, choice, sensational, A1, celestial, top-shelf, slick, awesome, A-OK, superior, dynamite, bang-up, prime, heavenly, radical, dandy, peachy keen.

Usage examples: