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Definition of unstable:

  1. Not stable; not firm, fixed, or constant; subject to change or overthrow.


perilous, timid, continue, wonky, hazardous, coseismic, firm, unassured, tottering, mobile, bad, smooth, reactive, disturbed, sensitive, rocky, rickety, dubious, rattletrap, unsure, variant, fluid, runny, tippy, various, crank, uncertain, unpredictable, fantastic, parlous, freakish, strong, erratic, infirm, insane, explosive, changeable, equivocal, coseismal, doubtful, capricious, wobbly, change, precarious, unsettled, dizzy, tottery, steady, ticklish, mentally ill, unsound, shaky, fluent, irresolute, touch-and-go, liquid, thin-skinned, tender, giddy, thermolabile, top-heavy, whimsical, unbalanced, uneasy, cranky, fantastical, seismic, inconsistent, volatile, risky, weak, volcanic, fallacious, shifty, unfit, labile, insecure, seismal, temperamental, changeful.

Usage examples: