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Definition of appall:

  1. Terror; dismay.
  2. To depress or discourage with fear; to impress with fear in such a manner that the mind shrinks, or loses its firmness; to overcome with sudden terror or horror; to dismay; as, the sight appalled the stoutest heart.
  3. To grow faint; to become weak; to become dismayed or discouraged.
  4. To lose flavor or become stale.
  5. To make pale; to blanch.
  6. To weaken; to enfeeble; to reduce; as, an old appalled wight.


floor, demoralise, ravish, desecrate, infract, transgress, alarm, breach, cast down, offend, dismay, dishonor, ball over, traumatize, violate, shake, alert, shock, spite, pique, dispirit, injure, demoralize, go against, dishonour, deject, traumatise, appal, outrage, daunt, take aback, study atdismay, rape, fear, scandalize, scandalise, blow out of the water, wound, consternate, horrify, assault, bruise, get down, profane, break, amaze, hurt, depress.

Usage examples: