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Definition of arctic:

  1. A warm waterproof overshoe.
  2. Pertaining to, or situated under, the northern constellation called the Bear; northern; frigid; as, the arctic pole, circle, region, ocean; an arctic expedition, night, temperature.
  3. The arctic circle.


synthetic rubber, icy, hyperborean, glacial, diametrical, boreal, gelid, natural rubber, condom, pencil eraser, North Frigid Zone, in the tundra areas, hot, frosty, freezing, northern, prophylactic, rubber eraser, polar, pivotal, north-polar, opposite, Arctic Zone, frigid, under the Bear, safety, galosh, safe, gum elastic, diametric, frore, rubber, boreal, wintry, caoutchouc, dick, gumshoe, frozen, hawkshaw, cold, in the Arctic Circle, golosh.

Usage examples: