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Definition of confront:

  1. To stand face to face; to set face to face; to oppose; to bring into the presence of.


look, anticipate, tarry, salute, breast, reside, bide, watch, dwell, creep up on, see about, do something, come at, demonstrate, stop, outface, front, remain, near, stage, deliver, rest, take something on board, something expresses itself, make for, come up, continue, represent, award, stay, live, abide, expect, present, face, show, approach, gift, come through, tackle, await, stand up to, make toward, face up, accost, address, run into, gain on, endure, acquaint, make the best of something, come across, pose, lodge, come out, advance, combat, demo, brazen, tolerate, lay out, pass, bear, outbrave, portray, come in, go over, beard, exhibit, sojourn, introduce, inhabit, bear down, submit, give, reach, wait, handle.

Usage examples: