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Definition of conversation:

  1. Deportment.


confab, schmooze, communion, heart-to-heart talk, pillow talk, chinfest, parley, hearing, waffle, palaver, talking it out, give-and-take, discourse, interchange, chat, talk, expression of views, communication, speech, mutual exchange, intercourse, gossip, rap session, causerie, conference, repartee, powwow, exchange of confidences, exchange of views, chatter, bull session, jaw, tattle, talkfest, colloquy, rap, oral examination, small talk, confab, chitchat, unburdening oneself, confabulation, engaging in persiflage, banter, heart-to-heart, converse, dialogue, traffic in ideas, questions and answers, questioning, gabfest, exchange, interlocution, words.

Usage examples: