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Definition of counterpart:

  1. The part that answers to another; the key of a cipher; in music, the part to be applied to another, as the bass is the counterpart to the treble.


replica, love seat, alikeness, carbon, duplication, coequal, companion, correlate, workmate, mirror image, look-alike, compeer, simulacrum, clone, correspondent, relief, parallel, junior, transcript, match, reduplication, rival, spit, twin, ringer, correlative, correlative, analogue, tete-a-tete, likeness, duplicate, colleague, coordinate, similitude, replication, associate, doppelgänger, spitting image, opposite number, equal, double, like, subordinate, alter ego, image, facsimile, carbon copy, same, loveseat, picture, vis-a-vis, equivalent, simulacre, match, fellow, fetch, co-worker, imitation, mate, congener, superior, peer, reproduction, copy, complement.

Usage examples: