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Definition of feeler:

  1. Anything, as a proposal, observation, etc., put forth or thrown out in order to ascertain the views of others; something tentative.
  2. One of the sense organs or certain animals ( as insects), which are used in testing objects by touch and in searching for food; an antenna; a palp.
  3. One who, or that which, feels.


progress, approach, aerial, intimation, sample, probe, cash advance, test, improvement, prospectus, onward motion, rise, access, finger, attack, prelude, procession, coming, barbel, approaching, advance, approach path, betterment, advancement, glide slope, progression, approach shot, claw, hand, investigate, antenna, hint, preliminary, glide path, tentacle, transmitting aerial, forward motion, essay, straw vote, overture, whisker, trial balloon, plan of attack.

Usage examples: