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Definition of intolerant:

  1. An intolerant person; a bigot.
  2. Not enduring; not able to endure.
  3. Not tolerating difference of opinion or sentiment, especially in religious matters; refusing to allow others the enjoyment of their opinions, rights, or worship; unjustly impatient of the opinion of those disagree with us; not tolerant; unforbearing; bigoted.


narrow, accept, stubborn, allergic, conservative, hypoallergenic, bloody-minded, allergy, allergen, antigen, attitude, strict, impatient, hypersensitive, small-minded, anaphylaxis, narrow-minded, unforbearing, close-minded, rigid, illiberal, prejudiced, intolerance, calm, anaphylactic shock, fretful, closed, bigoted, opinionated.

Usage examples: