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Definition of slog:

  1. To hit hard, esp. with little attention to aim or the like, as in cricket or boxing; to slug.


vagabond, work, quaff, cast, paste, belt, strike, slam, ramble, keep one's nose to the grindstone, clip, idle, sock, knock, slave, hit, tramp, lard, wallop, plod, bolster, wade, aggrandize, thwack, plug, swig, rove, slop, toil, swat, grub, drudge, biff, dramatize, grind, dramatise, slug, peg away, roam, bop, perform, work, pad, conk, catch, plug away, stagnate, footslog, swan, range, bash, embroider, fill out, keep one's shoulder to the wheel, smite, roll, pop, trudge, blow up, labor, whop, stray, attack, aggrandise, drift, wander, whack, wham, move, laze, clout, smash, embellish, gulp.

Usage examples: