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Definition of crash:

  1. A noise as of things falling and breaking at once; a violent mixed noise.
  2. To give out a confused rough noise.


scare away, corrupt, defeat, snooze, founder, ram down, go off, awareness, drowse, ram, thunderclap, frighten away, pound, bang up, go down, recess, cut off, rush, injure, fragmentise, wane, disrupt, money, strike, jolt, mark, abort, part, buffer, decode, dissipate, friction, jam, daunt, break down, smash, ABEND, turn in, harm, crack up, drop by, bed, bull, bullish, settle, cut in, adjourn, wad, nap, break apart, descend, frighten off, brush, go to sleep, cram, nonsuccess, beep, access time, kick, dispel, set, pall, bomb, fold, doss down, dismantle, spoil, flop, shoot, clamor, clangor, artificial intelligence, see, separate, break-up, collision, sever, hurt, bid price, crackup, calve, car crash, impingement, fragmentize, languish, bear market, fail, alpha test, clangour, miss, chock up, noise, jar, prostration, clank, broadside, break, smash-up, shipwreck, fragment, take its toll, resolve, chisel in, split, nonachievement, mar, drive, aquaplane, boot, drift off, blare, doze off, bash, close, split up, barge in, jampack, clatter, intense, pop, bondholder, doze, chime in, cacophony, swing by, put in, flash, encounter, break in, whomp, blindside, decline, batch, backfire, help, wallop, drop off, emulate, force, pile up, fast, disperse, come down, interrupt, smasher, skirmish, gate-crash, background processing, blast, disunify, breakdown, dash, damage, display, scare off, blowout, clash, disfigure, whump, sink, pick, bear, A-D conversion, fizzle, overhead, bid, collapse, come over, conflict, clang, visit, pay someone/something a visit/call, jounce, wreck, bust, call, deliver, concussion, fall, cropper, crock up, accident, scoot, bearish, take apart, scud, smashup, belt, clangoring, dissolve, disassemble, scare, shock, go under, go around, bull market, authoring, doss, caterwaul, AI, clamour, authentication, dart, broker-dealer, collide, decompose, retire, stain, hit, sleep, butt in, call on, look in, scatter.

Usage examples: