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Definition of buckram:

  1. A coarse cloth of linen or hemp, stiffened with size or glue, used in garments to keep them in the form intended, and for wrappers to cover merchandise.
  2. A plant. See Ramson.
  3. Made of buckram; as, a buckram suit.
  4. Stiff; precise.
  5. To strengthen with buckram; to make stiff.


sloshed, pie-eyed, plastered, pixilated, canvas, unbendable, burlap, pissed, sozzled, smashed, squiffy, cambric, wooden, cheesecloth, starchy, rigid, steady, loaded, coir, wet, soaked, formal, crocked, stiff, tight, steadfast, potent, blotto, cockeyed, strong, fuddled, besotted, corduroy, firm, flexible, calico, barkcloth, unwavering, soused, unshakable, stilted, slopped, chintz, blind drunk, unfaltering.

Usage examples: