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Definition of comedy:

  1. A representation by actors in a theatre of the light and trivial everyday occurrences of life.


epic, burlesque gag show, buffoonery, frivolity, clowning, hilariousness, impish, zaniness, humorousness, cock-and-bull story, black comedy, japery, ludicrousness, harlequinade, facetious, corporate hospitality, I love it, comicalness, musical comedy, flippant, jocularity, interlude, laugh sensation, travesty, funnies, satire, can take a joke, ridiculousness, low comedy, anecdote, waggery, comicality, prank, tragicomedy, karaoke, bullfight, uproariousness, light entertainment, slapstick, satirical comedy, ironic, allegory, farcicality, comic, jocosity, drollery, jocoseness, laughter, classic, detective, air show, sitcom, light show, situation comedy, laugh at yourself, funniness, cabaret, adaptation, see the funny side of something, wittiness, hospitality, comedy of manners, farce, richness, play of wit.

Usage examples: