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Definition of commitment:

  1. A sending to prison; an order for confinement in prison; the act of referring to or intrusting to; a doing or perpetration; the act of pledging or engaging.


fealty, consignment, belief, will, devotedness, delegation, payload, load, determination, faithfulness, adhesion, inscription, implementation, trust, committal, need, must, cargo, piety, accountability, involvement, application, incumbency, ambition, assurance, guardianship, loading, dedication, duty, fastness, ideal, theory, concept, responsibility, burden, adoption, compulsion, commission, confinement, attachment, trueness, resolve, devotion, imperative, dynamism, allegiance, thought, steadfastness, principle, exploitation, energy, usage, devoir, charge, lading, faith, committedness, use, perpetration, wear, aspiration, promise, troth, drive, onus, idea, operation, philosophy, motivation, freight, loyalty, perseverance, constancy, shipment, office, consumption, do, obligation, pledge, concern.

Usage examples: